Our Mission

To offer a Beacon of Light to shine upon Recovery's uncertain voyage. Love and Tolerance for each other is our code. Compassion and Empathy stengthens our Resolve to provide a place free of drugs, alcohol and judgement. Open to all who seek the path of the Twelve Steps and the Keys to The Kingdom of Inner-Dependence upon one's Higher Power. We are Healed as we teach others to Heal.

The Inspiration

I was asked from where I got the ideas for the Lighthouse's Mission Statement. I believe true ideas come as gifts from a Higher Power and illusions come from our egos, but what is truth and what is illusion is not always easy to determine. Yet still I believe that truth identifies truth at the level of the heart and that the mission statement came from our unified heart. There were several donors.

"Love and Tolerance for each other is our Code" came from Bob G.'s morning devotional book one day in February. "A place free of drugs and alcohol" was inspired by our founding fathers, Uncle Bill and Dr. Bob. "A place free of judgement" was inspired by the Spirit of My Son and all Suns Before him. "Open to all who follow the Path of the Twelve Steps" came from our charter for incorporation. "Keys to the Kingdom" came from Susan J. "We are Healed as we teach others to Heal" came from "A Course in Miracles."

Sometime ago I was given a poster of a lighthouse that is now framed and hanging in the game room of our club. When I look at the picture, I feel peace. Though I've never been to sea, I believe we are all sailors and someday either our voyage or the sea will free us. I know not my destination, but I know others are making the trip and many before us have completed its passage. They send their light. Bells ring. The fog horn blows. I am not alone.

Mick J
May 26, 1994

How It All Began

The Lighthouse Beacon, the first newsletter of The Lighthouse, states in its first issue in May 1994: "The idea of forming a clubhouse for Chillicothe's recovering community had been a topic for coffee-cup chatter for years. It remained, however, just that until October 1993, when several members finally decided to take action. Their success in forming the Club proves how important ACTION is in any endeavor. Three informational meetings were held beginning in October to determine if there was enough interest to warrant further action in starting a club. This began a flurry of activity. A Board of Trustees was nominated and elected on November 28. Through the generosity of certain members, the inital startup capital was obtained. A lease was signed for the building that presently houses the Club. By-laws were written. The Lighthouse was incorporated as a nonprofit organization on December 17, 1993. Finally, after much work and effort on the part of many members the Lighthouse officially opened the first week of March 1994, ironically in a building that once housed a well-known drinking establishment.

Not affliliated with any particular twelve-step program, the main purpose of The Lighthouse is to provide a meeting place and "free of drugs, alcohol, and judgement" for members of twelve-step programs and their groups. As we all know, the importance of the fellowship is central to recovery. The Lighthouse provides a place where such fellowship may flourish."

12 Step, Inc.

Alcoholics Anonymous does not finance or lend its name to any outside organization. The Lighthouse and 12 Step, Inc. is an outside organization, separate and distinct from AA, Al-anon, or any other 12-Step group. Each meeting held at the Lighthouse is conducted as an autonomous group, all meetings within our space are operated independently. If you’re interested in starting a meeting please contact us for more details.